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Trends in B2B marketing technology in 2021 - Alex Price, Founder 93Digital and FINITE

March 29, 2021

In this episode, we discuss the trends that Alex Price identified in the research that he has done with his company 93X. Besides being the owner of a UK-based agency, he is also the founder of the FINITE community, a platform specifically for B2B marketers worldwide.

Alex has a load of experience in the B2B marketing-field and explains some differences to B2C and explains why marketers should join FINITE.

Things we discuss and were mentioned in the research:

  • Trends in martech
  • The growing role of data
  • The changing role of marketers and a look into the future
  • Trends in outsourcing

A link to the mentioned report:

LinkedIn Alex Price: 

Website FINITE Community for B2B marketers: 

Website 93Digital: 

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