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Learn how to deal with the 3rd party cookie ban as a marketer in 15 minutes - Quimby Metlon, co-founder of Confection

March 15, 2022

Most marketers have heard about the 3rd party cookie ban, but they have no idea on how this will impact their strategy and business. This episode explains in 15 minutes what the cookie ban means and how you can deal with it as a marketer.

Elias has a chat with Quimby Melton, co-founder, and CEO of Confection. He explains why most CRMs, DSPs, and marketing automation platforms are only 75% effective because of a privacy-first approach that marketers will have to start adopting.

Topics we discuss:

  • How to 'own your own rails', using 1st party data
  • The difference between 1st and 3rd party cookie-data
  • Why privacy-first actually is beneficial to marketers

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