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How to organize a successful online event - Katherine Martin, Marketing Manager @ Narrative Science

September 14, 2020

Almost every in-person event is transformed into an online event nowadays. During this episode, Elias and Mark have a chat with Katherine Martin on how to successfully organize an online event. Because just setting up a PowerPoint and register for a Zoom Pro account is not going to do the job!

Katherine organized several events during 2020 and had thousands of people that registered and joined the event and turned out to be valuable leads for the marketing and sales teams.

We discuss 4 steps:

  1. How to promote and online event and get people registered
  2. How to get registered people to actually join the event
  3. How to create engagement during the event to make sure people don't leave early
  4. How to do a successful follow-up after the event.

During the interview, Katherine refers to James Carbary from Sweetfish Media and a host at the B2B Growth Podcast.

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